• Vineyard: Ca’ del Bosco
  • Wine growing region: Franciacorta
  • City: Erbusco
  • Region: Lombardy
  • Country: Italy
  • Vinetage: 375.00
  • website: »


  • 2011 Winemaker of the Year

Maurizio Zanella

The career of sparkling wines from the Italian region of Franciacorta is, at the same time, the success story of Maurizio Zanella. Instead of joining his family’s forwarding company, the young Zanella discovered his passion for winemaking in 1973: It was mainly study trips in the Champagne which inspired Zanella. He made a great vineyard out of the manor Ca’del Bosco, which the family had acquired in 1964. This vineyard put the designation of origin Franciacorta onto the market for the first time at the end of the 1970’s.

Today Franciacorta is not any Italian sparkling wine, but a wine with a profile which is firmly established, it is a veritable brand. Since 1995 it has held its position at the top of the Italian quality pyramid – that of the DOCG. The Franciacorta is prepared using Chardonnay, Pinot nero, Pinot bianco – or a cuvee from any of these three varieties. The wines have to mature on the yeast for at least 18 months after the fermentation of the bottles, for vintage sparkling wines this period of time is 30 months. Franciacorta is the incarnation of a premium, luxurious sparkling wine from Italy – a genuine rival for champagne.

In the meantime numerous businesses have emulated Zanella, the area has experienced an absolute boom in the last ten years. Ca’ del Bosco belongs to the biggest producers in the area, at the same time Maurizio Zanella is the president of the Franciacorta consortium to which about 100 wineries belong. The pioneer of Franciacorta is still one of its best interpreters. He strives for perfectionism: from the basic brut without vintage detail to the prestige cuvee “Annamaria Clementi”.